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TSP Technical Support


The following online technical support resources for TSP are available:


·         The TSP FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).


·         What's the minimum I need to know to get started on Windows XP/Vista?

Installing older versions of TSP on 64-bit Windows systems, Windows 95/98/NT, Mac OS, or DOS

A list of Macintosh models that use the 68LC040 chip and consequently cannot run TSP.


·         A list of changes (enhancements & bugfixes) to TSP 5.1 since 2009 and TSP 5.0 since 2005.

A list of changes to earlier versions of TSP – Version 4.5 (2000-2005), Version 4.4 (1997-1999), Version 4.3 (1995-1996).


·         Links to where you can obtain online editions of the TSP User's Guide and TSP Reference Manual/Help System

Corrected pages from the TSP supplement to Pindyck & Rubinfeld that include the equations.


·         Various examples of using TSP on panel data, time series data, qualitative dependent variable models, and more.

·         Standard benchmark datasets and models for testing the accuracy of TSP


·         Databank interface files for accessing a TSP databank on the PC (Fortran source code)..



If you have any questions or comments about TSP please send an email to info@tspintl.com.

Comments or questions about this website should be sent to news@tspintl.com.